Do you want your pet to stay injury free?

This course will give you the knowledge and skills for you to help your dog stay in top shape, keeping them healthy and fit while potentially saving you money in future veterinary care for chronic orthopedic issues.

Yes, I Want an Injury-Free Pup
Yes, I Want an Injury-Free Pup

Here is the transformation that happens when you go through our 3-step solution...

Step 1: Learn The Foundation

The first step is to teach you basic anatomy along with safety and handling techniques, giving you the foundation to understand how to help your pup in a safe and effective way. 

Step 2: Learn The Hands-On Skills

The next step is to teach you the benefits and methods for each massage technique, followed by a full massage demo giving you a "hands on" break down on how to massage your pup.  

Step 3: Becoming The Top Dog

The final step is to teach you stretching and strengthening exercises that build up on what was gained with the massage, giving you the solution to keep your pup healthy and fit (aka Top Dog status). 

... and this is how you will achieve just that through our 6-module series!

Dog Anatomy 101

How can you help your pup if you don't know where to touch them?

Speaking Dog

Understanding their body language and keeping you both safe

One Is Not Like The Other

How different massage techniques have different benefits and should be used for different goals

Putting It All Together

A step-by-step demonstration on how to massage your pup

Motion Is Lotion

How to stretch your pup to maintain the flexibility gained with the massage

Movement Is Medicine

How to exercise your pup, keeping them strong and healthy

Yes, I Want an Injury-Free Pup

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